Salman Abdo


"Over the last years, Salman Abdo has worked on powerful media content, putting marginalised voices in the center of attention of German pro-democracy and anti-racist discourse. He sees himself as one of those voices, understanding first-hand xenophobia’s stigmatising impact on the underrepresented. Their media-savvy persona and the former migrant organisation’s convictions and community outreach form the creative antidote to today’s struggle of so many of the unheard: Being a part of today’s discourse regardless of the background."

Salman is a Syrian Filmmaker & Producer based in Germany, creating and developing media that contributes to political participation, safe spaces for BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ Communities, placemaking, and empowerment work.


Salman´s first contact with media production was when he was 12 years old, in Damascus. By going on film sets with a member of his family he earned some money. This seems to have caused a positive effect on them since they specialised in post-production.

He completed an internship in this field, accelerating in video production, and sound design, further expanding his technical knowledge. 

From Syria to the United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Turkey and currently Germany, Salman was able to continuously develop their, not only professional but personal skill set in other contexts. Among them project management, graphic and sound designing, shaping and conceptualising a variety of media work. 

© Thanks to Lina Ashour and Gabriela Potter, Felipe del Moral for the Inspiring text; featuring me in their project "Art as Resistance". more about this 

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